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The Highest Return On Your Marketing Investment Comes From Your Warm Prospects. 

Following up with your warm prospects is extremely lucrative BUT...

35 touches to 300 contacts would be 10,500 touches.

That's 1,167 hours of your time (29 full time / 40 hour weeks of doing nothing other than following up)

If you were selling 50 homes per year, it would be impossible to have enough free time to handle all of that follow up. 

So the only way to hit those numbers is to hire help.

Take advantage of our systems and economies of scale to leverage your marketing dollars and get the best results.

According to Gary Keller's book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, for every 120 people you market to in this way, you can expect 10 of those people to buy or sell a home with you, and 10 referrals from this group. 

That's up to 20 home sales per year from only 120 contacts.

If your Average commission is $10,000, that would be a $200,000 per year business.

And if you had 300 contacts, that could be up to 50 home sales and a $500,000 per year business.

Even if you don't currently have 300 contacts to market to, we encourage you to buy the annual version for 300 contacts because it will force you to do the actions necessary to build your list to 300 contacts and grow to ~50 home sales / year as quickly as possible.

If you buy the annual 300 contacts package, you will get 24 - 30 minute coaching calls from Deven to help kick your butt into gear and double your sales as quickly as possible. (The cost is less than you'd make from 2 commissions and the goal is to bring in 50 as quickly as possible)

Since we lose money on monthly payments for most of the first year, we are limiting how many Agents we service and may remove the monthly payment option in the near future. That means you should take action now before it's too late.

We guarantee that we will follow up with your prospects 35 times per year, but we can't guarantee that you'll close statistically the same amount as outlined in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent since a lot of that has to do with your sales ability, your market, your competition, etc. But we can assure you that if you are investing in your marketing, you'll have more sales than if you didn't invest.

1st month is $1,997 for all monthly packages, then the prices listed below every month after that.
50 homes / year
201 - 300 Contacts
Billed Monthly
    33 Homes / year
    121 - 200 Contacts
    Billed Monthly
      20 homes / year
      0 - 120 Contacts
      Billed Monthly
        We'll pre-qualify all of your prospects and help you determine how many are worth marketing to after you get started.

        Your first 60 days will include a launch program designed to get you up to 5 sales right away - Our goal is to provide you a clear and immediate Return On Investment regardless of which package you choose
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        Here's What You'll Get:
        • Professionally designed and managed marketing system with over 35 touches per contact
        • 4,200 touches per 120 contacts: Letters, Postcards, Emails, Phone Calls, Text Messages, & Gifts
        • Qualifying all of the leads and passing on only the ones that are ready to take action
        Buying Annual:
        • Saves 20%
        • Gives you access to the 8 week Become a Real Estate Rockstar course: How to use the power of celebrity to create high authority in the mind of your prospect so they beg you to list their house, agree to price it right, and brag about you to all of their friends.
        • 300 contacts annual package comes with 24 coaching calls with Deven
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