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I'll pay for all of your warm marketing, if you cut us a check for ~15% of your commission on each closing.
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Sell Up To 50 Home Sales Per Year!
Proven 35 Point Warm Marketing System

The highest return on your marketing investment comes from marketing to your warm contacts. 

According to Gary Keller's book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, for every 120 people you market to in this way, you can expect 10 of those people to buy or sell a home with you, and 10 referrals from this group. 

That's up to 20 home sales per year from only 120 contacts.

For the best results, we recommend everyone to start with 300 contacts. 


Because 300 contacts means up to 50 home sales per year.

If your average commission was $10,000 that would produce $500,000 per year!
Now, there may be a part of your brain that is trying to reject this by saying:

"This is too good to be true"

If that is the case, then you probably haven't gone through our free course on how to double your sales without working weekends or running out of money. 

While that course teaches you what we do step by step, so you could simply do it on your own, it's incredibly time consuming 

--> Over 10,500 touches for 300 contacts <--

That's 1,167 hours or 29 straight weeks of doing nothing but follow up

And if you haven't perfected your system yet you can lose a ton of money on trial and error.

Plus you need to think about the value of your time. Do you really want to waste it on the time consuming activities that aren't your highest return on your time investment?
Wouldn't you prefer you had a team of professionals that are able to do the work for you and help you hit your sales goals?
Your new team would include:
  • Marketing Coordinator
  •  Administrative support
  •  Receptionist
  •  Telemarketer
  •  Instructor
  •  Writer / Copywriter
  •  Designer / Graphic Artist
  •  Web Developer
We have found the biggest setback for an agent to earn large six figure commissions is lacking the time to do everything.

Rather than offering general "Virtual Assistants" that you need to monitor and delegate work to, we've grouped together highly skilled specialists that perform their specialized tasks for a lot of Top Producing agents and you get to benefit from our economy of scale, trade secrets, and management expertise, while paying only a small fraction of what it would cost you to do these activities on your own.
Establishing you as the absolute best agent they could hire is our #1 goal and the secret to our success
We do this by following up with everyone you meet so that when they think of real estate, they think of you.

This means when they're ready to buy, sell, or invest, you're the Agent they interview first.

And when one of their friends or family members tells them they're thinking of buying or selling, they brag about you and insist they meet with you.

Our model is heavily influenced by The Millionaire Real Estate Agent By Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams. But let's face it, that book was written in 2003 and things have changed a little bit.

So we started with their model but we constantly test ways to improve upon the model and we mix in best practices from other industries, including the insights gained from the startup world.

The result is we feel very confident that we can turn anyone who's willing to put in the effort into a Top Producer.
We make over 10,500 touches per 300 contacts to establish you as the authority in your market
If you've read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, or ever held your license with a Keller Williams franchise, you'd know that they teach you that you need to contact each person in your database over 33 times per year.

We've found that it's actually slightly more than that in today's market because of increased competition for the prospects attention and a higher probability of your message getting ignored.

That's why our default is 35 touches per year per contact.

But we go much more than that because most touches are designed to get a response, and those responses aren't counted as part of the 35 touches.

We handle most of the communication with them, up until they get to the point where they are ready to buy, sell, or make a referral.

This isn't a cookie cutter solution, we personalize everything based on your strengths.

Then we do background research on every single contact you give us and send different messages to different people based on who they are and how likely they are to take action in the near future.
The National Association of Realtors has 1,241,548 Members. But most home owners struggle to name more than 3 Realtors.

How many Home Owners would name you as the first Realtor they think of?

Unless you've been consistently marketing to every person in your database over 35 times per year, (10,500 touches per 300 contacts) chances are that you've lost out on a ton of business.

Have you ever had a friend tell you "I forgot you were an agent" after they bought or sold their home?

Getting them to remember that you are an agent is only half the battle, we also need to pre-sell them on why they need to work with you.
What we'll do for you:
  • We pay for, set up, and manage your database - $6,700 Value
  • Design your marketing campaign - $11,400 Value
  • Write emails designed to be engaging - $7,800 Value
  • Set up conversion focused websites - $15,800 Value
  • Physically mail letters and postcards - $2,400 Value
  • Telemarketer to make outbound calls - $4,800 Value
  • Receptionist to handle inbound calls - $4,800 Value
  • Send them Items of Value (Gifts) - $1,900 Value
  • Qualifying all of the leads and passing on only the ones that are ready to take action - $8,400 Value
  • Free Online Training - $15,400 Value
  • Free Vegas Seminars - $2,500 Value
  • Management oversight - $12,750 Value
  • And So Much More...
That's $94,650 in Combined Value
Can you imagine trying to figure out these systems on your own and how to implement them?

The bottom line is you couldn't build a better system than what we've built, because we have the benefits of economies of scale, trade secrets, secure financing, and pre-existing relationships.

If you did try to recreate our systems, you'd waste years of trial and error, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on experiments, and miss out on hundreds of thousands in commissions because you were too busy building these systems instead of closing more deals.

Most Agents never get close to closing on 50 homes / year.

Average income of an Agent with 2 years experience was $8,930 in 2016


Meaning when you account for expenses, more than 50% of these agents didn't just work for free, they lost money.

And it doesn't get much better over time

The median gross income of REALTORS® with 16 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE was $78,850 in 2016

Again, that's gross commissions, not counting expenses, and median gross income means half of all REALTORS® earned less than that.

This entire system is designed to put money in your pocket
We know our system works and we know we can generate the listing appointments for you.

What concerns us the most is wasting our time with agents that aren't motivated to succeed.

We can't 100% know for certain that everyone that goes through our system will be successful, because some people are just not willing to put in the effort.

That's why we charge a deposit. Those that pay, pay attention. 

But the deposit is completely refundable as long as you take your business seriously.

The deposit is $5,000

Seems like a lot, right?

It should, that's the point.

Another service we offer is dialing on expireds, we had a client we sent 32 appointments, but he got 0 listings out of it.

When we called the homeowners to find out what happened, it turns out this broker was farming out the leads to his agents and the homeowners feedback told us that the agents weren't showing up to the appointments and those that did were unprofessional, showed up late, and even smelled bad.

Even though this client told us he'd personally attend the listing appointments himself and he paid his $5,000 deposit, the amount wasn't enough for him to take it seriously. Maybe if I charged him $50,000 he would have shown up himself.

The entire point of the deposit is it should sting a little bit to pay, but as long as you're professional, you have closings and we reduce our fee to refund your deposit.

Let's say you sold a $500,000 home, our fee on that would be $2,340, but if it is one of your 1st 20 transactions, we'd reduce our fee by $250 to $2,090

And we do that for each of your first 20 closings with us, after that, you'll have had your full deposit refunded and we'd stop reducing our fees.
Bonus #1 - $15,400 value
Free Trainings
Online trainings to increase your conversion rates, increase the number of people who know who you are, and most importantly increase your income
  • Become a Real Estate Rockstar - How to use the power of celebrity to create high authority in the mind of the prospect so they beg you to list their house, agree to price it right, then brag about you to their friends so you get a ton of referrals - This course is planned and outlined, but won't be released until Summer 2018 because Deven is 100% focused on servicing our clients
  • Double Your Sales Without Working Weekends or Running out of Money - while this training is currently available to the public, we might make it exclusive to our existing clients only.
  • Investing for Realtors - A series of videos covering topics like Seller Financing, Raising Capital, How to find good deals, and Real Estate Development
  • And more to come, including interviews with Top Producing Agents to find out what's working for them, and specific trainings to increase the number of people in your database
Bonus #2 - $2,500 value
Vegas Seminars
Free seminars focused on the specific action steps you can do to increase your conversion rates, attract more clients, & better manage your team.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard - there is a reason why 50 million+ people per year visit Las Vegas. 
  • Optional tax write-off fun: Hang out with top producing agents as we race Lamborghini's, eat at some of the best restaurants in the world, and overall enjoy what Vegas has to offer ;)
The Best Agents have
the best Teams
By starting today, you're adding all of these people to your team:
  •  Marketing Coordinator: There is a lot of marketing activity that is going to take place, 10,500 touches per 300 contacts, and someone needs to be in charge to make sure all of the pieces are fitting together properly and manage the people working on each task. Plus we believe it is important for you to have a single point of contact, instead of needing to interact with 10 different people.
  •  Writer / Copywriter: Now you'll have someone who understands what to say to get your prospect to be engaged with your marketing, and take action when they're ready to Buy, Sell, or Make a Referral.
  •  Designer / Graphic Artist: Even if you were great at photoshop and had an eye for design, why would you spend your time producing marketing materials when this service includes a professional artist that will work closely with the writer/copywriter to create materials that convert prospects into clients.
  •  Administrative Assistant: If you were going to maximize your return on investment, you wouldn't have your copywriter ($150/hr type salary) do tasks that can be performed by administrative staff ($15/hr type salary), instead you'd want the specialists to perform their specialized tasks and admin support to do the repetitive stuff. You've probably at least considered hiring admin help (local or virtual) but one of the problems is that you'd still have to manage this person, tell them what to do, ensure they're doing it properly, etc. but with us you don't have to, that's what the marketing coordinator is for. So most likely you'll never talk to your administrative assistant, but they're a huge part of your team and a big reason we're able to offer such low prices.
  •  Instructor: We offer training videos to help you focus on the right activities and how to increase your conversion rates while doing those activities.
  •  Telemarketer: Part of your marketing campaigns include outbound calls to your warm prospects. There are specific skills reserved for this person, and with the help of your copywriter, he'll come up with the right script to pre-sell your prospects so that they believe you are the absolute best agent they could hire to sell their home.
  •  Receptionist: Most of your marketing campaigns include a phone number for the prospect to call and you'll have dedicated support to answer those calls during business hours, they'll be trained on how to properly screen your calls and forward some of them onto you, while making sure to take down their information for future follow up.
  •  Web Developer: Most Realtor websites aren't set up to properly lead capture or walk the prospect through a sales funnel to educate, pre-sell and pre-qualify them. With the help of your marketing coordinator and copywriter, your web developer will set up websites that captures leads, educates the prospect, and automatically updates our database with changes to your lead's score. (The lead score help us know who the hottest prospects are, so your other team members can better follow up with them.)
That's 8 categories covered, but 12-15 people required to execute on all of the tasks that we're doing for you to contact 300 people 10,500 times with the right scripts/materials and proper timing.

It would never make sense for you to hire all of those people full time, instead you'd do consultants paid at hourly rates, but it would still take roughly the same amount of time to find, qualify, and hire them as if they were full time with you.

According to sources within the recruiting industry, it takes on average 38 hours of work to hire an employee. If your goal was to make $120,000/year your time is worth $60/hr. That means to hire all of those people, it would cost you $27,360 worth of your time, and that's assuming that every hire works out perfectly once you've hired them (1 bad hire can cost you up to $60,000).

Once you've spent $27,360 worth of your time trying to find those people, you'd still have to pay them.
We've analyzed hundreds of companies that offer services to Realtors...
No one even comes close to our value proposition
Seriously, what other company has such a complete package of done for you services and cut-through-the-clutter actionable trainings?

NO ONE ELSE can compete with us.

But more importantly, we want no one else to be able to compete with you.

That's why it's our #1 goal to establish you as the absolute best agent someone could hire to sell their home.

That way when they think about Real Estate, they think about you.

When they're ready to buy, sell, or invest, you're the Agent they interview first.

And when one of their friends or family members tells them they're thinking of buying or selling, they brag about you and insist they meet with you.

While it's obvious we'd save you a ton of money on upfront salary costs, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
9 items you can save money on once you join Real Estate Faster
  •  CRM / Database: At the very core of our system is a very powerful database. The problem with having advanced features is it's one more thing you have to learn and it can take a tremendous amount of time to implement. Not only can you stop paying for a CRM, you don't have to learn how to use one, or spend any time administering it (or paying your assistant to admin it). We do all of that for you at no additional charge. $2,400 savings/year
  •  Trainings / Seminars: Most trainings and seminars focus on adding a lot of activities for you to do and they charge around $2,000 for a weekend seminar. We believe in doing things for you, so there is much less for you to even learn, and instead we teach you the things that are complementary to what we're doing for you. Less to learn means its easier to master & you gain higher productivity. Our trainings and seminars are FREE to our clients. $4,000 savings/year
  •  Advertising: Most people underestimate the value of marketing to their warm database of contacts and instead choose to spend money on advertising. We're not going to tell you to never advertise, in fact we have partners that can help direct your advertising budget towards the highest return on advertising, but many people will be perfectly happy with their results from marketing to their warm contacts and won't need to spend as much money on advertising. $2,472 savings/year 
  •  Assistants: When you grow big enough, you'll need in-office staff. But we are doing a lot of activities you would hire an assistant to do, so you could either hire less staff or refocus their time towards more productive tasks. $31,176 savings/year calculation based on 1 full time employee at $15/hr, yes you could hire someone for less than that, but you also need to add in payroll taxes, insurance, proportional rent, etc.
  •  Designers: We have our own in house designers that will create the marketing material that we send to your warm market. Good designers are $50/hr+. $3,200 savings / year
  •  Printing: Normally you'd have to order a minimum of 100 postcards at a time, then pay for the shipping to send them to your office. Then you'd pay your assistant to individually label them, place the stamp on them, and drop them off at the post office. We do all that for you, nothing for you to think about. $562 savings / year
  •  Postage: Stamps for Letters are $0.49 each, and postcards are $0.34 each, but a lot of people don't know that and keep paying the $0.49 each anyway. Either way, this is something you'll never need to think about again, because we pay for the postage on all of the marketing material that we send to your warm contacts. $756 savings/year
  •  Lead Generation Companies: In a sense, we are a lead generation company, but we're very different from every other company out there. Most lead generation companies charge per lead or a large monthly fee, but then you need to follow up with every single lead and quite often 80%+ of these leads never convert to anything, and just waste your time. We view our job as qualifying all of those leads and only giving you the prospects who have a very high likelihood of closing on a home with you. $69,231 savings/year based on Zillow's rates to get ~$180,000 in gross commissions as described by an affiliate trying to sell agents on getting Zillow leads. Even our own FSBO/Expired dialing service would cost ~$45,000 to earn $180,000 in gross commissions (we take ~25% of the commission for this service).
  •  Promotional Products: Calendars, refrigerator magnets, note pads, etc. when they have your branding and contact information on them can help serve as a constant reminder that you're the realtor they should be thinking about when they decide it's time to put their home on the market. As part of our warm marketing campaigns, we design the promotional products, pay for them, and ship them out to your warm contacts. No extra charge to you. $1,440 savings/year
That's $115,237 in savings per year
To be fair, more than half of that savings is assuming you'd pay Zillow or another lead generation company to promote you.

Even without Zillow's fees it's still $46,006 in savings.
It's Exclusive
Once you claim a contact as yours, they won't be marketed to by us on behalf of any other agent. They're yours to keep forever.

BUT that means if you wait, you risk losing out on some of your contacts being marketed to by our company on behalf of another agent.

Don't let someone else in your market take your contacts, join today and get exclusive rights over the marketing to your people.
We are willing to lose money on you, way before we ever make a dime
You might think of the $5,000 deposit as a profitable exchange for us.

It's not!

Yes, the day you sign up, the deposit covers more than our Client Acquisition Costs...

But a lot of our costs are front loaded, meaning we pay the designer and copywriter to plan out a year in advance, the admin guys do research on every single one of your contacts, and it's more costly to set up your database than it is to maintain it.

Also keep in mind that even if you immediately got a listing, it often takes over 6 months for that home to close escrow and for you to pay us.

Before you feel bad for us, know that the relationship becomes profitable for us over time and we have enough profitable clients to cover our initial losses on servicing you.

If you're on the fence about the deposit, again that is a good thing, the point of the deposit is that it's enough for you to take this seriously.

The other way of looking at it is it would be almost impossible for you to set up this kind of system for under $5,000 initial costs... 

And even with our economies of scale, the same is true for us, $5,000 isn't enough for us to turn a profit.
We're not in this business for the short term. Our goal is to be your service provider for the rest of your successful career.

Your first 60 days will include a launch program designed to get you up to 5 sales right away - Our goal is to provide you a clear and immediate Return On Investment and since we take a fee at each closing, we have a strong incentive to close multiple deals as quickly as possible.
Save Time, Save Money
& Earn more
Get started today...You'll be glad you did.
We are the secret behind many successful agents

Dan P.

VA Home Realty

Top 1% of all Agents in his area, closing about 6X more homes than the average agent

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our services to your friends or colleagues?

Dan: HAHA... a ZERO because I don't want them...

People ask me who I'm using and I say "I'm not telling you, I'm good with them giving me all the [appointments]"

If I had another agent in another area, then yeah I definitely think you're worth every penny that I put into it, because you guys are setting them up. Yeah, its really good, it's really resourceful, I think the split is definitely worth it...

So yeah it's definitely A STRONG 10.

Todd A.

ReMax Active Realty

Broker of his office, and still personally sold over 60 homes per year... before he started working with us... see in his words what happened after we started helping him

Question: On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend our services to your friends or colleagues?

Todd: Very likely [to recommend]

A 10… 

I can say that you’ve increased my listing business by probably 3 times what it was…. 

At least… 

Of course I don’t want anybody else in this area… 

If I knew somebody in Tampa or Orlando, I would absolutely recommend that they use you…

We have minor issues that we’ve just discussed but as far as the way I feel about what’s happened I’m very impressed with the numbers of calls that are made and the amount of works that goes into from your end…

I’m very impressed…

Daniel E.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Part of the #1 Team in the country @ BHHS closing over 8,100 total homes, over 750/year

Question: If you could, how likely are you to recommend our services to your friends or colleagues?

Daniel: That’s an interesting question… 

Obviously the question kind revolves around a very competitive industry by nature…

If I could… 

I mean it’s a fantastic, fantastic service that you’re able to access to the leads within my trend and be able to call on them for me… 

it frees up a lot of time… 

Craig P.

Coldwell Banker

A Top Producer who consistently sells homes for over market, some as high as 25% over market.

Question: On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend our services to your friends or colleagues?

Craig: ohh yeah.. 10 definitely... 


Well here's the thing... You are not a Realtor right? The bottom line is people should always take blame in life... 

Your job is to put me in front of people and in that sense I feel that you guys are succeeding and I think the rest is up to me…

I mean 10 in terms of the effort I see on all of your guy’s behalf… 

I like your system…

John S.

Nest Real Estate

Sold over 275 homes during his career

Question: On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend our services to your friends or colleagues?

John: I would say a 10…

Arthur: what will be your reason for that? You're saying 10 and I love to hear when the people say 10.

John: I mean it was it's a part of the business that I was never gonna tap into.

Personally so, it's good for me that have somebody making those phone calls for me.

I mean again I had a good experience with it.

I don't have really any complaints and it was you know we did deals that I wouldn't have done before.

Rodney A.


Sold over $400 Million worth of Real Estate during his career

Question: What would you say about the quality of leads that we have been sending you?

Rodney: Right now!!! very good actually. 

We Just signed a 900k dollar listing, 

And so I mean it was good, I hadn’t gotten an appointment from you guys for some time and walked in, spoke to the gentleman, 10 days later after he did repairs and stuff like that we’re signing and we are on the market already.

So, it's good.

Marcus E.

Keller Williams

Sold over A BILLION DOLLARS worth of Real Estate during his career

Question: On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend our services to your friends or colleagues?

Marcus: Out of 1 to 10…


I mean you know it’s another lead source… hahaha… you know I mean I’m always open to more lead sources…

Martin L.

Benchmark Realty

Top 1% within his City and State

Martin: I think you guys are doing a really good job...

I’ll tell you one thing that I heard couple of weeks ago when i did the appointment on one of these listings this week, 

She said "listen, when the listings came up and we started getting calls, we were getting 20 to 30 calls a day."

She's like "we were hearing from everybody under the sun.  [But] those guys that called representing you, they are the reason that you're sitting here and just based on the conversations we had, we just felt like you are the one we wanted to talk to."

And then I heard it again at another house, so you know, you are guys are killing it on your end. 

And honestly I couldn’t be more satisfied.

I had a few people call me to kinda get testimonials and listen bro as many people as you want to send over me. I will absolutely take care of it. 

i cannot support a staff to do the job that these guys are doing in this place and you know its yielding appointments, its yielding goods listings appointments, we’re building some relationships and I think over the course of years it's gonna be a really really good thing.

We are incubating several that I think are gonna list shortly and my expectation is it's just moving forward and getting better as we get further into the selling season. 

So I am really happy..
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What we'll do for you:
  • Professionally designed and managed Marketing System with over 35 touches per contact
  • 10,500 touches per 300 contacts: Letters, Postcards, Emails, Phone Calls, Text messages, & gifts
  • Qualifying all of the leads and passing on only the ones that are ready to take action

I got the listing!
They were realistic about what their home was worth. They just wanted to see that I had experience and a good marketing plan.

Tim M. @ Keller Williams

The leads are solid. The [Sellers] are all well informed, and have no mistake that I am coming for an apt to list their home.

Wesley G. @ RANLife Real Estate

I love the way they set up appointments directly into my Google Calendar.

Ron H. @ Keller Williams

Great service and they provide what they say they will

Timothy H. @ Coldwell Banker

Things are going good I just sold an $800,000 listing that you (Real Estate Faster) gave me

Craig P @ Coldwell Banker

We've got 4 closing checks coming in the next 5 days!!!!!

Marcus E. @ Keller Williams
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